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This movie scene of Pursuit of Happyness has become one of the best motivational videos on the web when we talk about movies scenes. Will Smith show us all the struggle that you can have when you need to reach your goal. Its difficult, it will take time and you will have a lot of problems.If you watch the movie you will notice that it doesn’t matter the situation you are going through if you really desire to change your reality.

This film tells about Chris Gardner’s life. He is a salesman who becomes a rich stockbroker. It is directed by Gabriele Muccino. The scenario is written by Steve Conrad.

The story of this film “The pursuit of happyness” began at 1981 in San Francisco, California. Linda is Chris Gardner’s wife. They live in a small apartment with their son, Christopher. He is five years old. Chris is a salesman who spends all family savings to buy franchise to sell a portable Bone Density Scanner. This scanner is able to produce a picture better than X-ray, but according to the doctors whom Chris has met, the price is too expensive. Linda is a worker in a laundry. The Chris family begins broken home when they cannot pay the house rental and the claims that accumulate.

The condition of Chris family becomes worse and worse moreover when he often parks his car everywhere. Chris cannot pay the traffic ticket letter, so his car is taken. Knowing about that problem, Linda leaves Chris and goes to New York City. At first, she wants to bring Christopher but Chris doesn’t  permit her.

Chris lives with his son, Christopher. One day, Chris meets someone who drives a red Ferrari. Chris asks him about his job so he can buy a luxurious car. That man answers that he is a stockbroker. Since that time, Chris decides to work as a Stock broker.

Chris receives the volunteer order without payment in a stock firm “Dean Witter Reynolds.” He promises that there is a job for the best participant. From this event, Chris begins decreasing his money. At last, he must go out from the house rental. He becomes homeless. Chris and his son sleep in the public places. He decides to stay in Glide Memorial Church. Because of the limited places, they must be queue to get the room. They sometimes succeed and sometimes fail, so they sleep outside. From his destitution and homeless, it encourages Chris to do his job harder and harder and he gets a job in Dean Witter Reynolds.

In the last story, Chris succeeds to become the best participant, and he becomes an employer there. Some years later, he makes a stock firm, it’s a Gardner Rich. In 2006, he sold a piece of his stock, and he is successful to get million dollars from selling the stock.

Motivation quote: I want the world to be better because I was here. Will Smith

Inspiration message: Listen to your heart and follow your dreams despite of what people say.


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